Get Cleaner, Dust Free Air with Your Heat Pump: A Tip from an Auburndale Heating Contractor

Dust is a common concern for Auburndale homeowners, especially if a child or family member has an allergy that is made worse by its constant presence. So, many people want to know if a new heat pump will help reduce the amount of dust in the house.

Technically, heat pumps don’t remove dust from the air. They are designed to provide heated or cooled air which is then circulated by an air handler through air ducts. In fact, if you don’t clean the air ducts properly and have your heat pump serviced regularly, your dust problem can actually get worse.

However, if you have the right heat pump and it is serviced on a regular basis, you can reduce the dust in your home by quite a bit.

Choosing the Right Components

The key to reducing dust with your heat pump is to choose the right components for your device. Heat pumps have a filter built into the device to keep sediment and debris out of the unit and the air that is cycled through your home.

An additional filter is placed in the air handler to reduce recirculation of contaminants in the indoor air. However, you can really enhance the dust removal of your home’s heat pump by adding an electronic or highly rated mechanical filter, such as a HEPA filter. This will remove a tremendous amount of debris from the indoor air (up to 99% of debris as small as 0.3 microns) and it works directly with your heat pump.

Regular Maintenance

As with any other part of your home, regular cleaning and maintenance is a must to ensure dust doesn’t become a problem. Specifically, you should have someone clean your ductwork which is a common source of dust as it recirculates and builds up over time. Vacuuming you ductwork will remove a huge volume of dust from your home, and ensure the air flow is even and comfortable.

Additionally filters should be changed or cleaned on a regular basis – something you can do yourself between annual maintenance visits. Clogged filters can actually introduce more contaminants to your indoor air if not dealt with properly. In either case, well maintained equipment and properly installed indoor air quality supplements will keep that dust level to a minimum.

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