Is Your Heat Pump On Way too Often? A Tip from Temple Terrace

If your heat pump has suddenly started turning on when it clearly isn’t needed, there might be a problem. But, before you call your Temple Terrace HVAC repairman and spend a lot of money to have it inspected, consider a few common solutions that you can take care of on your own.

Check the Mode

Step one is to check the mode of your heat pump. Make sure it is in the mode you expect it to be in. If the weather outside is mild especially, it’s often best to leave your heat pump in auto so that it doesn’t turn on when not needed. Leaving it set to “on” all the time will result in it turning on even when the heating or cooling elements aren’t needed.

Indoor and Outdoor Thermostats

You should also check the thermostats both inside and outside to make sure they are accurate. If the thermostat reading isn’t accurate, the heat pump will turn on unnecessarily and frequently. If you’re unsure how to check the thermostat settings for your particular heat pump model, consult the owner’s manual or contact a professional to inspect and repair the problem.

Keep in mind that heat pumps are designed to run constantly in cold weather – it’s necessary to keep your home comfortable (the cooling component should never do this so call for service if it does).

Other Issues

There are some other issues you can check to make sure your heat pump isn’t broken. Check the outdoor unit for ice – which can directly affect the thermostat settings. Check the return duct work as well for leakages, which can reduce efficiency and force it to keep operating when not needed. Poor insulation in your house can cause problems as well, especially in the attic, where cold air can be pulled in and affect thermostat settings, even when you don’t notice the cold.

If none of these things are the problem, it may be time to call for professional assistance. Things like bad compressor valves, AC mode starting in the winter or refrigerant problems all need to be fixed by a Temple Terrace HVAC professional.

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