Tampa Tricks: simple make your own air conditioner

With the temperatures rising, the need for indoor air conditioning and air quality is more and more important. Dealing with the ridiculous heat can be gruesome at times. If you are not fortunate enough to be able to obtain pristine indoor air quality, you are left to have to suffer the heat on your own. If your home isn’t being cooled to the potential you’d like, there is an answer. You can create your own type of air conditioning to fight the heat waves.
To create your own air conditioner you will simply need a fan, twine, and cloth.
Invest in a simple table or box fan. These are much cheaper than a full air conditioning system. Once you have the fan of your liking you will need to attach a wet cloth to your air conditioner. You can use twine or string in order to tie the wet cloth to the fan.
The wet cloth provides moisture for the fan to use to circulate and cool your home.
Once you have created your personal air conditioner you will be able to finally relax in your home and enjoy the sweet summer season without breaking a sweat.

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