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Tampa UV Germicidal Lights

Assuring that the indoor air quality in your home is as high as possible is an important element in creating a safe indoor environment for your family. Today more than ever, indoor air quality is something you have to take a proactive approach to. There are many reasons for this and there are a lot of products out there on the market that claim they can provide you with all the answers to your indoor air quality problems.

Air National Heating & Air Conditioning has cleaned indoor air by installed UV germicidal lights in the Tampa, FL area for years. We’re committed to helping all of our customers create and maintain a healthy indoor environment and we’ll do whatever we can to help you find the right solution to your indoor air quality problems.

Indoor Air Quality Concerns

One of the reasons that indoor air quality has become such a problem in recent years is that our homes are simply sealed up much tighter than they used to be. Of course, that helps to keep comfortable, temperature controlled air in and unpleasantly cold or warm air out depending on the season. But it also seals in all kinds of contaminants, including germs that find their way into your indoor air. Many of these particulates can only be removed with high tech ultraviolet germicidal lights.

While there are quite a few high quality air cleaning and purification systems on the market today, they are generally only effective at removing non-living particles from your indoor air. Bacteria and viruses, on the other hand, can’t simply be caught and trapped like other types of contaminants. They really need to be killed in order to keep them from finding their way back into the air circulating through your home, which is where UV germicidal lights come in.

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Why UV Germicidal Lights are Necessary

To remove germs from your indoor air you’ll need UV germicidal lights. Rather than trying to trap the bacteria and viruses that they come into contact with, these lights simply kill the germs, taking care of your problem for good.

Of course, there will always be more germs finding their way into your indoor air supply. But with the right UV germicidal lights in place, you won’t have to worry about them making their way through your house over and over again, making everyone sick in the process.

Ultraviolet Light as Part of an Indoor Air Quality System

There’s definitely more to improving indoor air quality than just eliminating bacteria and viruses, though. That’s why it’s a good idea to include UV germicidal lights as part of a comprehensive system of indoor air cleaning and purification. Typically, UV germicidal lights are installed after an air filter or purifier so that they can attack germs without any of the other types of particulate contaminants getting in the way.

They can effectively kill germs as they pass by, eliminating them from circulation quickly and easily. Plus, it keeps the UV germicidal lights tucked away from you and your family so that you won’t be exposed to any radiation, no matter how small an amount.

Our UV Lights

Air National Heating & Air Conditioning is in the business of helping our customers improve their indoor air quality in every possible way. We serve households in the Greater Hillsborough and Pinellas County, Florida area and we offer many excellent types of UV germicidal lights that can help complete your indoor air purification system.

Give us a call today to find out what Air National can do to improve the quality of life of you and your family. We’re always glad to answer questions, provide expert advice and install or maintain your UV germicidal light system.


I just want to compliment you on your wonderful staff. I had Mark out to my house (which I rent) and have been having problems with my landlord about our air conditioning. He thoroughly explained and showed everything to me and was extremely helpful... and on time, which is something you don't see very often! Thank you!

- Sara Marie Gomez

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